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Eras Tour Opening Weekend! ✨

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Written by: Caroline Walters

If you are anything like us, then you’ve been obsessively refreshing every social media to see just what Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour setlist, costumes, and stage setup is! After two incredible, sold-out shows in Swift City, Erazona, we wanted to recap the shows and share insider tips on what to expect for the rest of the tour! 🥰

First thing’s first: Taylor Swift plays a three-hour long set, not even including her incredible openers. From start to finish, the show runs about 5 hours long, so make sure you’re eating well and hydrating in the few days leading up to the show! So many fans who went to the shows wanted to make sure everyone knew to wear comfortable shoes and sit down when they need to, and we couldn’t agree more. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing to do during the show, but now, let’s dive into the show like Taylor dove into the stage! 🤘🏼

The show is divided into segments, and each segment corresponds to a different Taylor album! If you’ve kept up with her previous tours, you know she loves a good outfit change, and this time, she changed outfits for each era, and sometimes even within the eras! All in all, she has 13 outfit changes each show, and 13 just makes so much sense for her. She never fails to put her lucky number in wherever she can! 😊

Taylor starts the show off with songs from the Lover era in a gorgeous sparkly Versace bodysuit and custom Louboutins! She opens the show by singing “it’s been a long time coming,” from “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince,” and we can’t help but hold back our tears at thinking how long it’s been since she toured! She played 6 songs total from Lover, including “Cruel Summer,” and we’ve been dying to hear that bridge live ever since Loverfest got canceled. 💖

From there, she goes right into Fearless and plays only the most iconic songs from the album! There was even a proposal during “Love Story” on night one that we can’t stop crying over. When she played “Fearless,” she wore gold sparkly dresses on both nights and did the spins we all know and love. 🤠

The next era she played was Evermore, and we won’t lie, we needed to hear her say that she loves that album. Taylor called out all the fans on TikTok and said that it’s an album she “absolutely loves, despite what some of y’all say on TikTok.” There’s no doubt that hearing this album live made everyone in the stadium cry, especially when she sang “tolerate it” and “marjorie,” but there’s something so comforting about screaming the bridge of "champagne problems" with 70,000 people. We’re still thinking about the gold dress she wore both nights! 🤩

Taylor really switched the vibe up when she jumped right into reputation, changing into a gorgeous black bodysuit with red snakes going up it. This album has definitely become a fan favorite, especially when she played “Delicate,” giving back to her fans with one of the best inside jokes: the moment in the song where the whole stadium yells back to her “1, 2, 3, let’s go b****!” She played the classics too — there's no way she would forget "Look What You Made Me Do"! Taylor’s relationship with her fans is so special, and she made sure to thank them for coming at every chance she got. 🥺

After reputation, she only played one song from Speak Now, leaving us all wondering if she’s planning to release a Taylor’s Version of it next, perhaps? Even though she just played one song, she left us all in awe after she sang “Enchanted” in the most stunning ball gowns we’ve ever seen! She switched the design from night one to night two, but both were absolutely gorgeous! Fans are already theorizing that Speak Now is going to be released soon and she’s only playing one song so we’re not streaming albums she doesn’t own as much! Knowing her, it’s incredibly likely that the album could be released with no warning! 🫣

Taylor then went back in time to the Red era, playing all of the classics we know and love! She sang “22,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” before making everyone lose their voices during the bridge of “All Too Well (10 Minute Version).” She wore the iconic “not a lot going on at the moment” shirt on night one and definitely matched outfits with fans in the stadium! Night two had the “who is Taylor Swift anyways?” shirt, but both nights had the black fedora! 🎸

When she transitioned into folklore, she also changed into a stunning flowy pink dress for night one! She sang seven songs from her first surprise album, including “invisible string” and “august.” It’s easy to tell how much Taylor loves performing with the way she was moving around the stage and the visuals during this era! She closed the folklore era by singing “cardigan” with an extended outro! 🤍

She switched the mood again by going right into songs from her real transition into pop music, 1989! She brought back the iconic golf club during “Blank Space,” letting fans reminisce on when she would use it for ad-libs during the 1989 World Tour! She played a shortened version of “Bad Blood,” but it was perfect for fans to do the Kendrick Lamar part! On night one, she wore a red two-piece set, and night two’s was the exact same but in lime green. They’re both full of so much fringe and sparkles that they felt perfect for 1989. 😍

Now, here’s the part where we can’t predict what she’ll do each night. Taylor has a fun habit of playing “surprise songs,” and she said that for this tour, she wants to play each surprise song only once on tour. On night one, she sang “Tim McGraw” from her debut album. This led fans to believe that it was going to be on the setlist permanently when she immediately went into “mirrorball” after. She gave a beautiful speech about how much "mirrorball" means to her and why she wanted to play it! On night two, fans became quickly aware of the fact that no songs from Taylor Swift were permanently on the setlist when the surprise songs she played were “this is me trying” and “State of Grace.” There are so many theories floating around about what songs she’ll play and when, but it’s so hard to guess with her! 🪩

She had no choice but to have the last era of the tour be the Midnights era, and the live versions of these songs were everything we hoped for and more! Taylor opened the era with “Lavender Haze,” and wore a fluffy lavender coat to match! The visuals behind her were absolutely stunning and fit so perfectly with the vibe of Midnights! If you’re on Swifttok, there’s a 100% chance that you’ve seen the “Bejeweleddance created by a fellow Swiftie, and Taylor loved it so much that she made sure she included it in her choreography! She ended the night with “Karma,” and wore a sequin fringe jacket as she watched the fireworks and confetti rain down! If we could, we’d live in that moment forever. 🎆

Some of our personal favorite moments from the opening weekend include:

  • Live debuts of our favorite songs from Midnights

  • “Bejeweled” dance

  • “Don’t Blame Me” into “Look What You Made Me Do” transition

  • “Vigilante Sh*t” choreography

  • The stage floor being a screen that changed with each song

  • The bedazzled Fearless guitar comeback

  • Light-up wristbands

  • “Willow” witches and visuals

  • Variety in outfits from Taylor and beautiful fans! ✨

We’re definitely going to be refreshing every social media platform to see the surprise songs every show, and if there’s anything you think we missed in our opening weekend recap or just want to let us know your favorite moments, tell us on Instagram or Twitter! We want to hear all of your thoughts and favorite moments from the tour! 💜

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