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Why You Should Join a Fan Club! 😍

Written by: Jadon King

So, you’re a huge fan of an artist but can’t seem to find anyone else who really gets it. You’ve bought all of the merch (including the limited-edition vinyl) and spent more than you’d care to admit on concert tickets. Sure, some of your friends like a couple of their songs, and your significant other listens to them because they’re your favorite, but nobody else is… well. Obsessed. Well, the solution to your problem is right under your nose! Two words: Fan club. Fan clubs have been around for a while, but only since the internet came around have they taken off and become worth the time and money that fans pour into them. We’re passionate about fan clubs (which is fortunate seeing as we run a few!) and are here to fill you in on all of the benefits of joining one! ✨

The most immediate and obvious reason to join a fan club is that it provides you with an opportunity to connect with fellow fans across the globe who share the same passion you do for an artist. The internet is the best thing to happen to fan clubs since… well, maybe ever! Some would argue otherwise, but here at With The Band, we subscribe to the belief that online friends are real friends. While you might not get to grab coffee with them or hang out at their house, music certainly has the power to bring people together despite the physical distance! There’s nothing quite like geeking out with a fellow fan; from comparing your favorite albums to sharing fan theories and discussing upcoming tours, fan clubs provide an opportunity for people all over the world to connect with a like-minded community they might not be able to find in person. 🤝

Have you ever wanted more content from your favorite artist? Wished to hear unreleased music or see behind-the-scenes footage from their tour? If that’s the case, then joining a fan club is a must! Artists use fan clubs as a space to share exclusive content with their most dedicated followers, which is incredibly rewarding at both ends. The artist gets to share their artistic process and life as a musician more intimately with a dedicated group of fans who are willing to support them beyond going to a concert or following them on social media. Fans get the content they’re craving and, through membership fees and purchases, provide artists with financial support out of appreciation for their art. Maggie Rose is a great example of how artists use their fan club as a way to share their creative process. Each week, on what she calls “Worktape Wednesday”, she’ll share unreleased songs, videos of her in the studio, and covers of her favorite songs. As you can see, fan clubs are a clear win-win! 🧑‍🎤

We know how frustrating it can be when you

don’t get the seats you want for a concert

because the tickets went just that quickly. Well, another huge benefit to fan clubs is that fans can get access to tangible goods, not just new content! For starters, artists may offer discounts on concert tickets, merch, and other goods and services. And if you’re an avid concert-goer, you definitely need to join a fan club! Members of fan clubs typically get priority when it comes to concert tickets and get to purchase their tickets before they go on sale to the general public. In addition to pre-sale access, some fan clubs offer discounts on merch, autographed memorabilia, and fan club exclusive merch unavailable anywhere else! For instance, Tayler Holder offers exclusive merch for his Fan Crew members, in addition to behind-the-scenes footage of making new music and shooting his music videos! If you’re looking to proudly rep your favorite band, seeing what their fan club offers is a great way to do so! 

Have you ever wished your favorite artist would reply to the comments you leave on their Instagram? Fan clubs also allow fans to connect with artists at a deeper level than even social media provides! Artists may also use their fan clubs to directly communicate with their fans. Members can comment on posts by the artists and artists can respond to directly these comments much more easily than sifting through thousands of comments on social media. This easy form of communication is a huge plus to fan clubs as fans and artists can connect beyond the music. But what if chatting with an artist online just isn’t enough? Well, you’re in luck, as many fan clubs offer tickets to meet-and-greet events not available to the public. Events for members are common occurrences and include everything from online Q&A sessions and fan club parties to private concerts! These may exist as part of a concert package, or take place as their own event, and are a fantastic opportunity for fans to meet their favorite artists in person. Dylan Scott uses his Fan Crew to this effect, giving away three meet-and-greets for every one of his headlining shows! 🤠

Music is an amazing, powerful force that changes lives and we’re lucky enough to live in a time where, thanks to the internet, music is more global than ever. It’s never been easier to access music and the amazing artists who move us with their art. Fan clubs provide so much more than a concert pre-sale or exclusive merch; they provide human connection. They help artists and fans alike become a part of something bigger than themselves, giving all involved a sense of belonging. That’s why With The Band was started! We love music and know its tremendous value in a world that can be endlessly confusing and difficult. With The Band offers both fans and artists alike opportunities to deepen their connections through fan projects, our social media and blog, and our Fan Crews! If you’re curious about joining a Fan Crew, check us out here to see where fandom can take you! If you're an artist and are curious about starting your own Fan Crew with us, you can click here to learn more. How has music and fandom impacted your life? Have we convinced you to join a fan club? Find us on X, Instagram, or TikTok to let us know! 💜

If you want to get more involved in fan communities, join a Fan Crew or our awesome weekly newsletter!


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