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Behind the Scenes of a One Direction Fan Account 💕

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Ellie Burr

This week we had the great pleasure of talking to the fan behind the One Direction fan account, @jimmyscarrots!! Her name is Medha, and she is a 16 year-old from India! She has over 13K followers! We are so excited to share her story with you guys this week!! 🥳

Medha had briefly heard of One Direction throughout middle school, but it was in 2018 when she truly got into the fandom culture. Their YouTube was what first enticed her. With all of the boys’ charisma and charm, Medha was hooked! And the rest is history! ✨

We asked her what her favorite One Direction album is, and she said Midnight Memories! She loves it because of the heavy guitar riffs and the meaningfulness behind songs like “Home,” “Strong,” and “Happily!” She finds that the lyrics hold an utter raw simplicity that blends in with the right notes to add

both punch and emotion to it! 🤩

There is a special place in Medha’s heart for both Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. She describes Louis’ solo work as being warm and safe! She loves songs like “Only the Brave,” “Always You,” and “Habit." She deems Walls to be her favorite solo album to come out of the One Direction members! Medha describes Harry’s solo work as a delicate harmony over a guitar and packed with emotion. His debut album follows Walls as her second favorite solo album! 🎤

Her favorite One Direction memory was July 23rd, 2020. And yep, you guessed it! That day was the band's 10 year anniversary! Although the boys did not do much themselves on this day, Medha remembers the fandom being in flames! All the buzz and excitement from within the 1D fandom was more than enough! She remembers it being phenomenal and extremely emotional. So much so that she didn’t sleep for three nights!! 🥳

We asked Medha what her dream 1D concert lineup would be, and her answer did not disappoint! She would LOVE to see Taylor Swift perform alongside the boys, and we completely agree!!! Songs she would love to hear live would be, “No Control,”Home,” “Temporary Fix,”Happily,” and old ones like “Little Things,” “One Thing,” and “Kiss You.” 🥰

She believes the best part of running a fandom is getting to meet new people! She loves meeting other music fans from all walks of life across the world! She said she has met some of the most amazing people through her account! 🥺

Medha says that the best experience she has had running a fan account would be the responses from her audience! Compliments and positivity from her posts are very uplifting! She finds her mind constantly blown that she has an average of 12K sometimes or even more than 40K people like one of her posts! WOW! 🔥

Now for our favorite question, we asked her what would she say to the boys if she could send them a message. Her answer was so perfect!! 😍

“This is gonna be cliché too unfortunately, but I'm all for it anyways so... Just a big, spanking THANK YOU! I have so, so much gratitude towards these five incredible people, five such eccentric characters with that constant underlying trait of humility which is extremely attractive in my opinion! They're genuinely grateful for everything that happened to them and that human side, that dorky side to everything they do is what really latches me on. It keeps me smiling because there's really nothing more endearing or attractive than looking up to five people who are so unabashedly HUMAN in every aspect of what I, as a viewer and a fan, get to see.”

We could not agree more, Medha! We LOVE hearing from fellow fans. It always reminds us that being a music fan is so special, and it brings our big world a little closer together! 🌍 💜

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