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Being Vulnerable is Cool: A Billie Eilish Fan Project

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written By: Katie Bresnahan

Vulnerability is becoming more and more important in our conversations, interactions, and relationships. We are encouraged to share our true selves with the people around us and to be authentic, whether that’s mental illness, a disability, etc. However, revealing our flaws is one of the hardest skills to practice. Nevertheless, it is a skill and with skills, practice makes perfect. There are many artists who are great role models for this kind of vulnerability. Quinn XCII, Lizzo, 5sos, and many, many more artists have released songs encouraging honesty with others but more importantly with yourself.

Billie Eilish is also an artist who is a great role model when it comes to vulnerability. She not only incorporates vulnerability into her music but lives her life dedicated to it. From her lyrics to her wardrobe, it's obvious she’s always trying to show her fans her true self. Being one of the youngest artists to have 48 million monthly listeners on Spotify is undoubtedly terrifying and overwhelming. However, Billie Eilish remains committed to her authenticity. Her bravery in staying vulnerable is something that her fans love.

Isabella is a Billie Eilish superfan from Pennsylvania who put together a heartfelt fan project for her favorite artist’s show in Philadelphia. She and her friends gave pink index cards to those who wanted to participate to hold over their phone flashlights during the song I Love You. “We came up with the idea because we wanted to do something for Billie and I’ve seen projects like this in the past and they seemed pretty fun to put together,” says Isabella. She and her friends have been fans of the rising anti-pop star for approximately two years now, and they have deep connections to Billie’s music. “This project really does mean a lot to us because we’ve spent a lot of hard work making sure we have enough things for everyone going and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.” Isabella says that what she connects to the most in Billie’s music is how “open and honest all of her songs are,” which makes it “easy to connect it with something happening in your personal life.” If Isabella met Billie Eilish, she “would just thank her for everything she’s helped [her] through.”

While vulnerability has been and always will be difficult, artist role models like Billie Eilish make us feel like it’s not just okay but cool to be ourselves. Fan projects are a testament to the deep connection that music fans have with their favorite artists and Isabella’s is an inspiration to other fans to show more vulnerability in their own lives.

Thanks, Isabella for taking the time to let us interview you!

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