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Fandom to Fandom Friendships 💫

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written By: Kylie Connet

Being a fan of an artist is one thing and being part of a fandom takes a special dedication and love for an artist. Listeners might casually hear a song on the radio and know some of the words, whereas a stan could tell you the exact meaning behind the lyrics. Every musician’s fandom is unique, and while some are larger than others, they all share an intense commitment to their favorite people. Many fandoms even connect and there is often a lot of crossover between them. While sometimes there is tension and drama between groups, the friendships are so much more powerful. Let’s go over some of the most iconic fandoms and how they interact! 🤗

Swifties (Taylor Swift) and Selenators (Selena Gomez)

These two legendary artists have been friends for a long time, so there’s bound to be some crossover between their fans. Both singers have similar fan bases, so they have a lot in common. Whenever these two women are together, you can be sure that their fans will talk about it. These fandoms support each other in the same way that Taylor and Selena support each other. They watch each other's performances and vote for them in award shows. For years, their fandoms have been hoping for a collab, which has yet to happen, but we still have faith! 🤩

ARMYs (BTS) and everyone!

It seems like K-pop bands are everywhere! We love seeing our favorite groups all over our timelines. and BTS is no exception. With their international reach that has only increased over the past few years, the Korean group has a foothold in many parts of the music industry. This has led their fans also to be involved in multiple different fandoms. We see ARMYs interacting with everyone, from Billie Eilish fans to Halsey fans. Their dedication to their favs is so inspiring, and the way that they jump to support everything BTS does is inspiring. 💜

5SOS Fam (5 Seconds of Summer) and Directioners (One Direction)

In 2012, Louis Tomlinson tweeted encouraging his fans to listen to and support the young band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Eventually, that led to 5SOS touring with One Direction! Directioners immediately welcomed the Australian band, and many are still huge fans. The groups of boys were fast friends, and everyone loved to see the antics they posted on social media and got up to during shows. Over the years, even during One Direction’s hiatus and solo careers, their fans have always been close, and many people consider themselves part of both fandoms. Just know that if you got lucky enough to see both bands on the same tour, we’re jealous of you, and you have bragging rights in both fandoms.🤘

Navy (Rihanna) and BeyHive (Beyoncé)

In 2016, people tried to pit Rihanna and Beyoncé against each other, which unfortunately happens too often in the industry, but the musicians and their fans were not having it. Rihanna put the rumors of a feud to rest by replying to a fan on Instagram, saying, “we don’t need to be putting black women against each other! We deserve to be celebrated.” Both fandoms worked to emphasize this point and actively support each other. These incredible artists deserve to make their art without being put into a fabricated competition. To this day, their fans continue to show their passion for justice and music. 👑

The sense of community that comes with being part of a fandom is so meaningful, and we love when that camaraderie expands. All of these fandoms are so unique, and so are the artists, which makes seeing them come together even more exciting. We love seeing them all become friends and celebrate each other! 👯‍♀️

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