Ranking All 41 of Harry Styles' Love On Tour NA Residencies Outfits 🌈

Written By: Gracie Magguilli

Harry Styles is an icon for many reasons including his fashion sense! Ever since he appeared in a dress on the cover of Vogue, it seems like everyone is talking about what Harry wears on and off stage. We've loved guessing what he was going to wear to Harry's House each night. Harry just finished his North American residencies for Love On Tour 2022 and we are ranking his outfits from worst to best! ⭐️

41. LA N10

Does the red and the white work? Yes! Does the purple and the yellow work? Go Lakers! But do these color combos work together mixed with the chevron patterns? Not really. However, Harry still slays even if this fit is at the bottom of our list. 🏀

40. Austin N2

It's giving stoplight and traffic cone realness. The effort is there but the combination of the checkered print shirt and polka-dot pants makes this fit seem too busy. We would've liked this fit more if he wore the checkered shirt with some black leather pants. 🚦

39. Austin N4

We love when our favs take risks and learn from their mistakes! This fit is low-key giving Mcdonald's. The full chevron work when it's a matching set! The shirt and the pants work separately but isn't our fav when paired together. ✨

38. Austin N5

We're definitely bigger fans of polka dots versus chevron. The two polka dots are cute and we can tell Harry is trying to have fun and experiment. However, it doesn't work as well as we'd like it to. The shoes match this fit but not much else does. 💙

37. NYC N12

We really love this color combo! The blue and orange work really well together, but the patterns not so much. We love seeing Harry being bold but this fit is a little hard to look at. The red shoes also weren't the best match and we would've loved to see Harry wear blue shoes. ⭐️

36. NYC N10

If Harry says chevron is in, it's in. However, this fit is a little too busy. The glitter pants and the shoes are to die for. We love every part of the outfit on its own but the yellow and pink on the shirt and pants are slightly different and it's a bit too much! 👀

35. NYC N8

It's giving gymnast. He looks great and this outfit creates an amazing silhouette. We love the watermelon moment and the subtle pattern. It's not our fav but only Harry can make it work. 🍉

34. Austin N3

Harryween came early this year when Harry wore this on September 28th. The green shoes mixed with the orange and black is low-key giving pumpkin stem. We also love the stripes that create a slightly off chevron pattern. The glitter details on the pants are a 10/10. 🎃

33. NYC N9

Omg it's Harry the elf! He looks ready to make all the toys for Christmas but we aren't that mad about it. We don't vibe with the overalls but mint green looks great on him. We are obsessed with the white stripe on the side of the overalls and the shoes match, which we love! 🎄

32. NYC N11

Ok, the chevron is a lot but the white tank top breaks it up. We love the glitter details on the jacket and are obsessed with a matching set. The worst thing about this outfit is the shoes just do not work with it. 💝

31. NYC N2