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10 Tips For Better Fan Engagement ✨

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Ellie Burr

With concerts on hold, music fans are missing out on the excitement of in person artist interaction. These days, fan engagement is more important than ever! This week we want to share 10 easy tips that can help you boost your fan engagement! 🤩

1. Share User Generated Content

Our first tip is to share what your fans have posted about you! This is just a simple click away and can include resharing posts or retweeting fans! Harry Styles HQ on TikTok does a great job of this! They repost Harry content made by fans and then hyperlink out to their pages! Not only does this excite fans, but it also encourages other fans to create and share content for their favorite artists!

2. Giveaways and Contests

In addition to social media engagement, it is also a great idea to hold a contest or a giveaway for your fans to get involved in! Fans love opportunities for them to win something from their favorite artists. An example of this could be to hold a fan art contest for the release of your next album or single cover! This is one of the best and most personable ways to get fans excited for new releases.

3. Ask Your Fans

Another way to boost fan engagement would be to ask your fans for their opinions or feedback on your projects. This actively encourages fans to share your projects and feel like they are actively a part of the process! Justin Bieber did this when he hosted a clubhouse chat for feedback on his new album.

4. Type of Content

The type of content you post also has a great impact on the amount of fan engagement you receive! In general, more casual, unproduced, at home style content gets more engagement in comparison to heavily produced and formal content. For example, when Niall Horan was releasing his album, Heartbreak Weather, his unproduced, at home TikToks found much greater success with fan engagement than the produced promotion.

5. Try to Get Fans’ Contact Info

Another effective way to increase your fan engagement is to get your fans’ contact information! This could be as simple as collecting email addresses from your fans. This helps to further grow how fans feel connected to you and gives you a new outlet for fan communication. Ariana Grande has done this by putting a place on her website's home page for fans to give her their email!

6. Commenting

Another simple way to increase engagement is to start commenting on posts that you are tagged in! This takes little to no time at all, but will make a fan’s day! It is easy and is guaranteed to bring attention to your fans’ posts about you! Ashton Irwin is an artist who is a great example for this! He is always replying to his fans’ posts about him on his Twitter, and it has encouraged his fans to post more about him and his music!