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The Top 100 Harry Styles Love On Tour Outfits 🤩

Written by: Katie Curran and Carlyn Warren

This past weekend, Harry Styles played his last-ever show of Love On Tour in Italy, and we haven’t recovered. We have loved getting to see him absolutely light up the stage over the past few years, and can’t wait to see him again! While on stage, he’s been rocking some incredible outfits, most of which we have fallen in love with. Here are our rankings of the 100 best Love On Tour fits! 👕

100. Atlanta Night 1

Harry’s first fit was very much giving Mickey Mouse here, and we are not complaining! Love On Tour 2021 had so many red fits, though, and this one didn’t stand out as much to us. 🐭

99. Milwaukee, WI

One of the only non-red outfits on the 2021 leg! While we think there are definitely better outfits on the tour, we had to shout out this one from Milwaukee.

98. Denver, CO

This was one of the first-ever HSLOT outfits, and introduced us to a different version of Harry's iconic suspenders look, a staple of the Fine Line era!

97. Tampa, FL

Another iconic suspenders look, we love the red and blue mix-and-match here!

96. St. Paul, MN

One of the rare all-blue outfits on the 2021 leg, we love how Harry slays the satin shirt!

95. Vienna, Austria 2023

It’s really giving grass, but we still love how he made it his own!

94. Dublin, Ireland

We have to say, this outfit was definitely something! We love the green and white combo but wish it fit Harry a bit better!

93. Orlando, FL

While we love the sparkly shirt, what really made this outfit was the Disney ears given to him!

92. Lisbon, Portugal 2022

This may be a bit of a controversial pick, and while we love the Gucci Ha Ha Ha top, we’re not in love with the overall color scheme!

91. San Antonio, TX

The first purple shirt of the tour, we’re obsessed with how it shines with the cream suspenders and pants.

90. Cologne, Germany

We love Harry’s tracksuit era! While this fit is great, we feel like there are better tracksuits he wore during Love On Tour.

89. St. Louis, MO

Harry really ate with the monochrome here! We love the orange but feel like there are simply better fits.

88. San Jose, CA

One of Harry’s recently-released wax figures, this show’s outfit had a fun contrast between the pants and shirt! We love the satin shirt, but sadly it just can’t outdo other entries on this list for us.

87. L.A. Night 13

Don’t get us wrong, we love the fries on the shirt! They’re adorable. We are not the biggest fans of the color of (both of) the pants, but we don’t hate it.

86. Chicago, IL Night 2 2022

Dubbed the “Irish flag" by some Harries, this outfit is cute! We like it, but we just don’t love it like some of the others.

85. Manchester, England Night 1

The first of Harry’s hometown shows! The highlight of this fit is the H and S on the jeans, which we love. And we like the outfit, but think there are more iconic ones!

84. Manchester, England Night 2

It’s really giving minion, but we still think he looks adorable in the overalls!

83. Melbourne, Australia Night 2

All of Australia and Asia were blessed with amazing fits, and this one is no different! This all-blue getup just is not as good as other sets on the list.

82. Wembley Night 1 2023

Wembley 2023 marked Harry’s first shows back in London since his run at Wembley the year before, and he made sure to start off strong! The white shirt with brown hearted-overalls is a perfect callback to the last shows.

81. Perth, Australia

Starting off his Australia leg, Harry absolutely slayed in the yellow and blue getup! While he looks amazing, we feel like there could have been more to kick off his first Australasian shows since 2017.

80. Cardiff, Wales Night 2

This outfit was cute! We LOVE the flamingo detailing on the shirt, but ultimately we also think there are better outfits Harry wore on stage.

79. NYC Night 3 2021

Harry’s history at Madison Square Garden is one that we can never forget, especially his run of shows there in 2021. His third night at MSG was an unforgettable one, with this super cute sheer top with cream pants. It’s not giving what the residencies or Harryween were, but we think this outfit deserves a highlight nonetheless.

78. Detroit, MI

Love on Tour 2021 was characterized by heaps of reds and blues, and Detroit is no different! The blue sparkly (and patterned!) pants he wore are underrated, but the red shirt and pink suspenders don’t do them enough justice.

77. L.A. Night 8

The only other entry with a Gucci HA HA HA shirt on this list, we think the pink of the shirt goes super well with the blue pants. The tank top cut is cute, but it could be better.

76. NYC Night 4

Yet another tracksuit coming in hot! This one is giving circus tent, and we are so here for it.

75. Toronto, Canada Night 2

As the man himself would say, simple but effective! Harry in this baby pink matching tracksuit with a pop of red is just the cutest.

74. Glendale, AZ

The opposite of Houston 2021, this beautiful lace and sequin patterned pants with the whimsical, loose shirt was an unforgettable moment of Love On Tour.

73. Sacramento, CA

Another iconic Fine Line suspender fit comes in at number 73 with its incredible sequin details that take the look to another level. We also just love Harry in purple!

72. Chicago, IL Night 1 2021

Who knew lavender pants and a sparkly black shirt could look so good? Purple is just gonna hit for us every time with this suspender fit.

71. Austin, TX Night 1

We do love a cowboyrry moment and the color combo is cute but we think this look would’ve been better in a different color. The fringe is everything though and we will never complain about Harry wearing fringe in any way, shape, or form!

70. L.A. Night 1 2022

Harry kicked off his 15-night run at the Kia Forum in this cream and red tracksuit with glitter palm trees. We love this cute little nod to California!

69. Tokyo, Japan N1 2023

This color is everything on Harry and we love him in a full leather fit with a cropped jacket. However, the pattern is a bit awkward and it reminds us of duct tape if duct tape was yassifed.

68. NYC Night 7

A full glitter fit is always a moment! This red and pink striped set is cute and comfy as Harry played MSG for the 7th show of the residencies. This fit just simply didn’t stand out to us as much as the fits below!

67. Stockholm, Sweden

Harry gives the cutest Care Bear vibes in this glitter heart tee and blue leather pants. We just want to give him a big hug!

66. Horsens, Denmark Night 2

Another food outfit but this one is in glitter tank top form! We love the details on the popsicle and the red leather pants. This color combo isn’t of fav but this is a top 100 fit for sure!

65. Frankfurt, Germany Night 2

Purple and black might just be one of our favorite color combos from Harry! We’ve seen this collared zip-up shirt throughout HSLOT and we definitely love this one the best. Our little grape!

64. Sydney, Australia Night 1

Easter eggrry is alive and well in this pastel yellow and blue tracksuit. These colors look incredible on stage and with Harry’s skin tone. The green shoes (and tank top let’s be honest) knock it down the list a tad for us.

63. Amsterdam, Netherlands 2022

A rare pink-and-purple tracksuit for Harry! Definitely, one we haven’t seen before, but we still love it! It sadly doesn’t stand out as much as other tracksuits he wore on tour.

62. Düsseldorf, Germany Night 1

Two words: Silver. Pants. This is one of the best t-shirt and leather pant combos and the details of the rocket ship are incredible. Not everyone can rock silver leather pants but Harry pulls it off effortlessly here.

61. Turin, Italy

This fit is the embodiment of "Treat People With Kindness" and we are so here for it. This rainbow-striped fit resembles a pride flag in the best way and the glitter stripes just elevate it. We just have one complaint and wish that it fit Harry just a little bit better!

60. Washington, D.C.

We know we keep gushing over the purple outfits, but we just can’t help it! One of the best suspender fits from the 2021 leg of the tour in our opinion, D.C. won with the flower details on this silky button-up with matching lavender pants.

59. L.A. Night 14

If you watched our YouTube video where we ranked some of the legs of the tour as well as the few U.S. shows of 2023, you probably remember when Carlyn called this fit “tin man if he slayed,” and we still agree. While this glitter color combo is amazing, we aren’t obsessed with the silhouette and felt as if Harry was probably a little uncomfortable. Nevertheless, he still looks amazing and we do love this fit’s cameo in the “Satellite” music video.

58. NYC Night 1 2022

Harry loves a tracksuit and we can’t blame him when it looks this cool! The blue and white chevron popped so well on stage and we love the red shoes with it. This was the cutest fit to kick off his 15-night run at MSG!

57. Glasgow, Scotland

Giddy up! Cowboyrry really popped out here at his first UK show of Love On Tour, but we are not complaining. The yellow and blue fit, with the strawberries on the jacket, is one that we think is super cute! Not our favorite, but still deserves a lot of love.

56. Tokyo, Japan Night 2

Matching tracksuit but make it glitter! We love this black and blue striped moment and love the burgundy shoes with the shade of blue. Bonus points for the cute little shark hat moment!

55. Horsens, Denmark Night 1

Any fit with Hitties is a good one. on the opening night of the Europe 2023 leg of the tour, Harry wore this fun orange jacket with his name bedazzled on the back and glittery strawberry ice cream cones. We also love how the blue on the jacket matches the blue silk pants. Harry Lambert and Gucci will never let us down with the details!

54. L.A. Night 3 2022

This fit is so underrated in our opinion. The shirt gives a little nod to Harry’s iconic Coachella weekend 1 jumpsuit and the pop of yellow with the heart works so well together. Justice for L.A. Night 3 of the residencies!

53. Chicago, IL Night 1 2022

It’s giving The Cat in the Hat if he slayed. This red and blue chevron matching tracksuit was perfect for the opening night of the Chicago residency and glitter always makes everything better.

52. Harryween Night 2

Clownrry is an iconic Harry fit, and Harryween 2021 is a weekend we’ll never forget! While we love this fit, we just love other outfits more, so unfortunately this one got knocked down a few pegs. Nevertheless, it’s still iconic, especially with Harry’s makeup details!

51. NYC Night 2 2021

Polka dots! One of the only non-suspender fits of 2021, this simple polka dot moment was such a slay. We also love the sheer ruffled blouse which gave Harry this soft yet confident essence.

50. L.A. Night 2 2021

Dare we say: this was one of the best suspender outfits of Love On Tour 2021. Everyone looks amazing in all black but especially when it’s Harry Styles in glitter.

49. Houston, TX 2021

Houston is Glendale’s sister, it’s true, but we love this variation of the outfit more. Once again, the sheer blouse is doing it for us and the pants fit Harry nicely!

48. L.A. Night 3 2021

We won’t lie, we do miss the fringe vest era of HSLOT 2021. This black vest with the pop of mint green was an iconic moment of the tour and we love how he matched the poster for his final night in LA during the 2021 leg of tour.

47. Auckland, NZ

Do we even need to say it?! Purple. Pants. We absolutely love this adorable whale design with matching purple pants and purple shoes. The blue and purple color pallet just looks amazing on Harry and we can’t get enough of it!

46. Palm Springs, CA Night 1

It’s no secret that Harry loves his food shirts and this nod to “Cinema” with the popcorn was everything. We also love how well this fit Harry and the pink pants took it up a notch!

45. Wembley Night 2 2022

Giving major Freddie Mercury vibes in this fit, Harry looks stunning in a glitter tank top and white leather at his second sold-out Wembley show as a solo artist.

44. Paris, France Night 1 2023

All-black Harry will always make us weak in the knees and we love this studded tank with the leather pants. It’s giving rocker vibes for sure and we love this contrast from his usual colorful, glitter vibes!

43. Wembley Night 3

For his four sold-out Wembley shows of 2023, Harry wore variations of his iconic Wembley Night 1 2022 heart overalls and this one was definitely one of our favorites. Different shades of purple give this a fun twist on the classic red!

42. Chicago, IL Night 6

For the closing show of his Chicago residence, Harry wears this fitted tank with pastel yellow hearts and pastel blue trousers. While we wish he wore different color shoes, we love this color combo and appreciate the little sequin details outlining the hearts.

41. Amsterdam, Netherlands Night 2

Another all-black fit but with a glittery tank and a pop of color with yellow hearts! We love the pop and the yellow shoes that matched perfectly.

40. Little Rock, AR

This is hands down the best suspender fit of 2021. We know you might disagree but we can’t get over the blue glittery button-up that looked iridescent under the stage lights and matching blue trousers. Harry looked like a disco ball and we will never move on.

39. Werchter, Belgium

It was “Watermelon Sugar” vibes for the Werchter, Belgium show with a glittery melting watermelon popsicle on the front of this sequin tank top. While there are a lot of colors going on in this, we don’t mind the green shiny pants that look super cool matched with the green on the popsicle design!

38. Paris, France Night 2

This fit is like if Horsens night 2 and Werchter had a baby and we aren’t mad about it. In this glitter jacket and cotton trouser combo, we have yet another jacket embellished with Harry’s name and the fun popsicle design we saw at Horsens Night 2. Only Harry could make this colorful combo look as incredible as he did!

37. Mexico City, Mexico Night 2

Blue and black is an underrated combo! We LOVE the black fringe with the blue on the top, and even love the denim he threw in there.

36. Edinburgh, Scotland Night 1

All-black is something Harry has only worn so many times, so any time he comes out in it is a treat! We love the splash of color the pink donut on the top adds to the aesthetic. Contrasted with the pink of Night 2’s fit, Edinburgh really gave Barbenheimer.

35. Paris, France 2022

While much of 2022 saw arguably Harry’s worst outfits, there were a few that shined! He came out in a super cute retro fit, with striped pants and even a bedazzled strawberry! We love the red on the sleeves and collar because it adds a pop of color to the outfit.

34. Vienna, Austria 2022

Much like in Paris, we saw Harry bring one of the best fits of 2022! In Vienna, Harry brought retro back with a cute Kiwi shirt and black-and-white checkered pants. There wasn’t much color here, but we still love it.

33. L.A. Night 12

The North American residencies saw Harry first don collared bodysuits, and we love it! The purple and green combo will never be ugly, and we love how good he looks in it.

32. Chicago, IL Night 3

Black leather NEVER goes out of style, and Chicago Night 3 proves just that! Harry has slayed the house down with leather in the past and continued to do it here.

31. Munich, Germany Night 2

Sparkles and patterns always blow us away, and Harry did both on his second night in Munich! Along with the blue monochrome aesthetic, we think Munich Night 2 is one of his all-time best.

30. São Paulo, Brazil Night 3

Ever since Coachella, Harry has been occasionally coming on stage in big, fun jackets, and we love to see it! Underneath, however, he wears a green shirt with purple hearts and purple pants, and it makes the whole fit better.

29. Coventry, England Night 2

Have we mentioned how much we love Harry in pinks and greens? He looked amazing in this fit, which even had a personalized jacket with hot pink writing and a sparkly milkshake on the back.

28. Madrid, Spain 2023

This one is really giving old-school candy wrapping, but we are not complaining! Again, he always slays a pink-and-green aesthetic, especially when the outfit is as shiny as Madrid’s.

27. Düsseldorf, Germany Night 2

Harry loves a good big jacket moment, and so do we! With the sequin top and dark purple pants, he really brought out the colors in Dusseldorf.

26. Gold Coast, Australia

Pink and black is an underrated color combo, one that we wish Harry wore more often! He slayed the leather pants with the two-tone pink top, but what we love about this fit is the bedazzled planet on his shirt!

25. NYC Night 15

This one is one we’ll probably never forget because it was during this show that Harry got his banner for 15 consecutive sold-out nights at the Garden! We love the neon rainbow and the sparkly gold stripes add the perfect amount of rizz. This silhouette is also incredible.

24. Warsaw, Poland

Harry always looks amazing in brighter colors, and we love getting to see him light up the stage even more! He brought the ever-iconic fringe to Warsaw and looked better than ever.

23. Amsterdam, Netherlands Night 3

A good jacket and matching pants never go wrong for Harry! During his last show in Amsterdam this summer, he rocked this super cute pink-and-green jacket with gold hearts and coordinating pants!

22. L.A. Night 1 2021

Gorgeous in green! This velvet set stands out with its rich color and intricate designs. Harry can truly pull off anything even if it’s carpet inspired!

21. Lisbon, Portugal 2023

The second to last show of the tour really started to bring out the stops in celebration. We are loving the multicolor sequins on this neutral-colored suit!