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The Best Music Apps

Updated: Jun 15

Music fans are always trying to find more ways to connect with their favorite artists. This can be difficult because as consumers we fans are flooded with hundreds of options that market themselves as the best way to connect. As a way to help, we wanted to list some of our favorite services and what makes them top tier. 🏆

For Streaming:

Streaming is the main way that fans listen to music today but with so many different platforms, seeming to do the same thing, we highlighted some top services and the features that make them unique. Spotify runs the game in terms of streams.

Besides its monster presence helping it stand out, Spotify provides customers with personalized playlists like “discover weekly.” These are specialized lists that are curated for each member based on the music they are currently listening to, to help them discover new music every week. Youtube might not be the first service you think of as streaming but don’t count them out. Youtube is like the new MTV in its own way. While people may come for their favorite Youtubers, they are also hitting the site for the latest music videos, seeing which videos have made it to the trending music page.

For Behind the Scenes Content:

If you are wanting to get behind the scenes info on either your favorite song, album, or artist, there are several ways. A go-to for us is They are not only the website that artists upload their official lyrics to but they’re known for their videos on Youtube that bring in artists with the most current popular songs and have them sing/describe the meanings of their lyrics. is for the ultimate music consumer. They give the most honest and in-depth reviews of almost every album that comes out. Not to mention that their articles interview more underground and upcoming artists, as well as look at neglected music scenes. This is perfect for someone who wants to branch out of their comfort genres.

For Tickets:

I don’t know about you guys, but buying tickets can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you wanna score great seats for a show you’ve been dying to see. SeatGeek should be a go-to for fans who are on a budget. They specialize in promoting the cheapest tickets available for any given show, making your favorite artists more accessible. Live Nation is also a great way to score tickets. On their app, you can favorite artists and Live Nation will then notify you when any of your selected artists’ tickets go on sale. Stubhub is where you wanna go if the show you wanna see is sold out. They are a resale site that verifies all tickets as being legitimate before allowing them to be sold on their website.

For Connecting with Artists and Fans:

One of the greatest aspects of music is how communal it can be. It gives people from all walks of life one common similarity. It is like when you go to your favorite artist show. You know for a fact that you and the rest of the crowd share that same love. With The Band gives fans the opportunity to capitalize on this mutual interest. By downloading the app you can join Fan Crews to connect with other fans! This is also the only specialized space where you have access to exclusive content from your favorite artists! Without the community that fans share with one another, so many amazing fan projects and meet-ups would have never happened! For example, thousands of fans brought signs saying “Thank You For Coming Back To Us” for the Jonas Brothers concert in Nashville, TN. An idea that was only possible because those fans wanted to connect with one another to show their love for the Jonas Brothers. This did not go unnoticed! Check out where Nick Jonas posted about it here!

We hope this is helpful to you. Leave a comment if you have any of your own suggestions!

If you want to get more involved in fan communities,

join a Fan Crew on the With the Band app!


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