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Behind the Fan: The Best of Season 3 💕

Written By: Gracie Magguilli

Another year is coming to a close and that means our third season of Behind of Fan is ending! We've loved getting to know all of the wonderful people behind these fantastic accounts and wanted to wrap up the season by sharing our fav quotes from all our Behind The Fan interviews this year! 🎤

Carmen - @camilaaccessbrasil

She’s made a lot of friends through her account and it was super cool to be noticed by Camila! She says that being noticed by her was the best feeling in the world. Carmen reached her goal for the account when Camila noticed her posts and got to see all how amazing the Camilizers are! 🧡

Amelie - @liv.source

The best experience she's had running the account is when Rodrigo's real-life best friend Iris Apatow shared Amélie's post on her story and tagged Olivia! ⭐️

Amanda - @5sosconcert

Having Ashton follow her account allowed Amanda to create a lot of interactions between him and his fans. Every time he likes or reposts something on Instagram she immediately takes screenshots and sends them to the fans who originally posted it. Seeing other fans’ reactions is her favorite part about having a fan account! 🌈

Daphne - @HalseyInsiders

She said that she'll never forget the moment she walked into the room and introduced herself and Halsey said they knew Daphne from both her personal account and fan account! 🎉