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Behind the Fan: The Best of Season 3 💕

Written By: Gracie Magguilli

Another year is coming to a close and that means our third season of Behind of Fan is ending! We've loved getting to know all of the wonderful people behind these fantastic accounts and wanted to wrap up the season by sharing our fav quotes from all our Behind The Fan interviews this year! 🎤

She’s made a lot of friends through her account and it was super cool to be noticed by Camila! She says that being noticed by her was the best feeling in the world. Carmen reached her goal for the account when Camila noticed her posts and got to see all how amazing the Camilizers are! 🧡

The best experience she's had running the account is when Rodrigo's real-life best friend Iris Apatow shared Amélie's post on her story and tagged Olivia! ⭐️

Having Ashton follow her account allowed Amanda to create a lot of interactions between him and his fans. Every time he likes or reposts something on Instagram she immediately takes screenshots and sends them to the fans who originally posted it. Seeing other fans’ reactions is her favorite part about having a fan account! 🌈

She said that she'll never forget the moment she walked into the room and introduced herself and Halsey said they knew Daphne from both her personal account and fan account! 🎉

We asked Ellie what her favorite Little Mix song was, and “Secret Love Song” holds a special place in her heart because Ellie and her partner aren’t out to their parents yet and the song reminds her that their love won’t always be secret! 💘

[Nach] subscribed to Luke’s youtube channel, Hemmo1996, and was instantly a fan when the rest of the boys came around. She was 11 years old at that point and has grown up with them over the years. “As cliché as it sounds I honestly can’t imagine a life without 5sos in it.” - Nach 🪩

[Vic] said that she really just loves the whole process and being able to share media and news with so many people is so great. She wants to share all this content to let people enjoy Dua’s music as much as she does! She has met so many people from all over the world and the support she receives from them has been incredible. 💕

M says that what's so special about [Billie] is that she's one of the few celebrities that remains authentic in who she truly is and wants. 🎸

Amir told us that his favorite part of it is sharing her on social media to “let other people enjoy listening to her and her music.” He hopes that one day all of the fans he's shared Adele's music with will get the chance to meet or see her! 🦋

Laura has even carried out fan projects with the Italian fanbase. Those projects have been one of her favorite parts of having a fan account. She explained that she instantly felt “understood, appreciated, and put at ease” when they met. Her favorite thing is how he treats them all as friends and not just fans! 🇮🇹

Bruno says that the best part of running his account is the fans around the world reaching out and sharing his posts, as well as being able to get to know and connect with them. He has even had the pleasure of meeting some in person! 🎉

She shares that it is considered a protest song, and it is a reminder that anything is possible when people stand together. Specifically, in 2019, Debbie’s home country of Bolivia experienced a political revolution that ended with the president’s resignation. When joining these protests, Debbie would listen to “Nina Cried Power ” and really resonate with it. It is a reminder that the power is in the people! ❤️

Pedro shares how fortunate he is to have found so many people to connect with over the fact that they all love Dua as much as he does! 💃

Something Katie really admires about Adele is her ability to write songs that really speak to her listeners. She says Adele is able to relate to what fans are feeling when they can’t even find the words. 💛

Andrew’s favorite song, “Stop the Dams,” gives feelings like no other. He says, “When it starts playing, it's like everything around you stops, and only you keep moving.” 🎸

What drew Ashley to Kelsea was not only her vivacious, feel-good music but her sincerity and devotion to her fans. 💗

The best experience she had running the account was when someone from Doja’s team recognized her account and saw how dedicated she was! 💖

Chiara hasn’t met Ariana (yet) but her favorite memory is an experience she had with her best friend. They met when they were in school and really connected through Ariana’s music. Chiara isn’t sure if they would’ve been as close if it wasn’t for Ari. Chiara and her BFF are always sending each other Arianator content. While they’ve gotten close since then and know more about each other, Chiara likes to think back on how they were hardcore stans when they met and will always have that special bond! 💜

All of their favorite experiences running the account are obviously the times Conan has interacted with the account. They also love all the events they’ve organized for things like new music release parties and virtual fan meet-ups. Some other amazing memories are when Olivia Rodrigo randomly liked two of their posts. Their account was even been recognized by Conan’s record label. They also agree that meeting each other is the best part of the experience! 🤩

We want to thank each and every one of these amazing creators for sharing their stories with us! It's wonderful to see how dedicated they are and we can't wait to interview more fans in the new year. Be sure to follow these incredible accounts and check out all of our Behind the Fan content! 🎹

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